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Thursday 27 December 2012

New Version of D3 Tips and Tricks (ver 0.2.a)

The latest version of D3 Tips and Tricks includes a minor version change which signifies that I have come to the the end of what I had anticipated to be the list of things I would describe using the simple line graph template.

That's not to say that this is the end of the document. Oh no...

There are a few other sections that I would like to include on specific things that I've had a play with. But more will follow there as they crop up.

The other change that I've made is to include a downloads page where I've put links to allow the downloading of some of the example files that I've been using. There's two versions of the simple line graph. One with little or no commenting and the other that is HEAVILY commented that people may find useful. Additionally, there is a zip file with the directory structure that I've been using for the examples and some of the example / data files as well. As time allows I will add to these.

As appears to be working so far, just click on the link on the left on the main page and you can download the pdf from there. or go to the downloads page.

Just a quick note as well... The process I am using to try and maintain a common point for downloading the pdf in drop box appears to cause it to fail to load the pdf when you go to download it the first time. DONT DESPAIR. Just reload and it appears. I will have to sort this out I know. I think I'll try to store it as a publicly accessible document in Google Drive in future releases.


How to format date / time axis labels with specific information
Changing a line graph into a scatterplot
Adding tooltips (with a smattering of transitions and events)

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