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Thursday 7 March 2013

Some interesting stats on people interested in d3.js

This d3.js thing is pretty interesting right?

I am really enjoying being involved in the community and while I may be able to provide some small measure of assistance to some people, one of the unexpected side effects of putting all this information on-line is that dear old Google keeps statistics on visitors to the d3noob.org web site.

This has meant that in the 3 months that this site has been operating it has provided a small window into the types of users that (by extension) are interested in d3.js.

For instance of the 24,704 page-views of the site, their nationality can be (roughly) divided as follows;

Mainly a US audience which is (I suppose) expected. Just don't think I'm changing the way I spell colour.

The range of operating systems looks like this;

Windows is responsible for the majority of page-views, followed not to far behind by Mac OS. That feels about right considering the potential audience.

The following piece of information surprised me a little however. Here's the page-views by browser;
That tells me that while there is a good chunk of you using Macintosh's, a sizeable proportion of you don't use Safari to browse the site. Now I know that Chrome beats the pants off Firefx for using D3 under Windows and Linux (Ubuntu at least), But I would have thought that Safari would have scored higher. I can only presume (and this is only because of my ignorance) that Safari does not do a good job with d3.js rendering or that in general it isn't as popular. I would be interested in feedback on why it appears that Apple users are not using Safari (as much as I would have expected) while visiting the site.

And finally, the topic that appears (completely unscientifically) to be of most interest?

How about that?

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