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Wednesday 1 September 2021

Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins Overview - The Movie!

 I made a thing!

It's that common lockdown story. There I was with some time on my hands and thinking of something new to learn. What about that new fangled thing that all the cool kids are talking about called Youtube? What'ts that all about?

I googled it, and apparantly it might catch on. So I thought how do I learn how to Youtube?

Like everything, try it and see....

So behold! my first ever attempt at doing some content for consumption via video.

An overview of Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins. 

So be gentle with me since this is my first time. It's very much a way to learn a new skill and perhaps someone will find it useful.

Maybe I might get excited and do more!

If so, you can expect them to appear here on my 'Channel' (Whatever that is).

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